Admission Help

On payment of the prescribed fee,the candidate will be registered. They will be given a registration form. Parents/Guardians of the successful candidates will be required to: Submit transfer certificate in original, copy of the birth certificate, copy of the report card of the previous class, copy of aadhar card of the candidate, copy of residence proof, 2 photographs of the candidate and pay the prescribed fee. The final authority regarding the admission of a candidate to the School lies with the Principal (according to the written test).


The fee and other charges payable are given in fee structure. The school fee must be paid in accordance with the rules and regulations. In case, the fee is not remitted within a month after the due date, the name of the student will be struck off the school rolls and the student may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal, on payment of all the arrears and a fresh admission fee. FEE ONCE PAID IS NOT REFUNDABLE. Parents/Guardians are requested to clarify any doubt before making payment.


Parents/Guardians wishing to withdraw a student must give one calendar month's notice in writing to the Principal or make a pre-payment of one month's tuition fee in lieu of therefore-mentioned notice. However, in case of sudden transfer of military personnel, the required notice may be waived off at the Principal's discretion. The Management of the School through the Principal reserves the right to discharge a student from school, in case of any breach of the School rules or on account of persistent poor performance in academics or non-participation in any extra-curricular activities organized by the School.