1. Class X students of The Royal Sainik Vidyapeeth with 85% who continue to study in The Royal Sainik Vidyapeeth for class XI and XII may be given a scholarship for Rs.30,000/- in class XI. The scholarship of Rs. 15,000/- to such students will be applicable in class XII, in case the student scores 85% marks in class XI Examination.
  2. A Scholarship of Rs.10,000/- will also be given to those new admissions from other schools who score 85% and join TRSVP in class XI.
  3. Sibling discount of Rs. 10,000 on the gross annual fee to be allowed to the second of sibling admitted to the school. This discount will continue for one student, till both the siblings study in the school.
  4. The toppers of class XII of all the three Streams who score 90% and above marks in the board exam will be given a Merit Certificate, a Memento and a cash prize of Rs. 2100/-each during the Annual Day Celebrations.
  5. Alumni / Existing parent sponsored new admissions: Such cases may be given a discount of Rs.5,000/- on gross annual fee which will be available for the first year only.